If you have ever tried to listen to music on a train or plane, you may find that ambient sounds intervene with or block the sounds coming through your headphones. How to find the best quality of sound produced by headphones?


Fortunately, one of audio equipment was designed by Amer G. Bose to provide a more enjoyable listening experience. That piece of equipment is the Noise Canceling Headphone Amar G. Bose, the father of BOSE, devoted himself to solve these problems, and then launched the first Active Noise Canceling Headphone in 1989. He made the Noise Canceling Headphone to maximize the music’s sound quality without ambient noise. In this article, we can look at how Noise Canceling Headphones work.


Noise Canceling Headphone is divided into two types: Active and Passive. They are different in each other though they both can reduce noise. The Passive Noise Canceling Headphone is through the damping material to reduce noise which is useful for high frequency noise. It can make the noise reduce from 15 Decibel to 20 Decibel. However, it is uncomfortable to wear.


The Active Noise Canceling system is made up of speaker, computer chip and pickup which must high quality can they put to good use. The Active Noise Canceling Headphones is useful to cancel low frequency noise such as the noise of air-condition and the noise of plane’s engine. The electronic theory of Active Noise Canceling Headphones is very easy. If the waves are completely opposite, they will disappear. The electronics of headphone according to noise created by external source creates sound waves by headphone speaker, then two types of noise will disappear at finally. For example, two different direction and equal strength waves bump in each other in a lake, they also disappear.



Noise Canceling Headphones are more and more widely used by Music lovers, and it has big market today. There are mainly two reasons are as follows:

  • Useful on planes, in crowed offices, and for light sleepers trying to catch some shut-eye in a thin-walled apartment.
  • Good for listening music, it can cancel other noise which can be heard much more cool.


According to what is said above, it clearly gives a detail of the Active Noise Canceling Headphones in the international market. The consumer demand of Active Noise Canceling Headphones is increasing dramatically. It is a good chance to trade in Active Noise Canceling Headphones.